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November 2016 Update

A Special Offer for Areas Impacted by Hurricane Matthew
In the aftermath of the Hurricane Matthew, TE21, Inc. and School Specialty, Inc. are teaming up to offer Academy of READING® (AOR) and Academy of MATH® (AOM) at reduced rates to counties devastated by the hurricane. Getting students back in the classroom and back on track after the long cleanup and recovery period is a monumental task – let AOR and AOM programs help facilitate student instructional intervention. Students using AOR and AOM have shown significant gains within as little as 10 hours on the programs. Contact us today for more details.  


At BrightFish Learning, we believe that every student can learn if given the opportunity. BrightFish Reading™ brings grade-level reading opportunities to struggling learners – anytime, on any device


Learning to read is a challenge for many students and today’s curriculum and assessments are more demanding than ever. BrightFish Reading, a new HTML 5 program that gives students in grades 2-10 more opportunities to read engaging grade-level text. They work on structured activities aligned to state standards while building fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Along the way, they collect points and rewards in increasingly challenging activities. BrightFish Reading enables struggling learners to read grade-level material while motivating them to practice and improve.

BrightFish Learning

  • Word recognition fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Designed by teachers with content organized into sequenced activities
  • Aligned to Common Core & state standards with Lexile® measures
  • Built-in learning games for performance rewards
  • Access on any device, anywhere, any time

Grade-level text is broken down into manageable parts. Students “construct the text,” starting with recognition of key words and phrases, advancing to vocabulary words from the text, and graduating to comprehension and critical thinking.

Students apply their skills and knowledge across multiple item types: multiple choice, Cloze, graphic organizers, and short answer. Positive, constructive feedback provides instructional support and gamification ensures students stay motivated.



CASE Item Bank, in partnership with MasteryConnect and EADMS platforms, helps prepare students by providing an item bank of approximately 60,000 high-quality, standard-based items with new items added throughout the year. 


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MCI is a blended learning solution that provides literacy intervention for struggling readers in middle and high school. MCI integrates the best of teacher-led, face-to-face instruction with engaging, individualized online instruction to maximize the depth, intensity, and effectiveness of the intervention. Click here or more information about MCI. 

zSpace for education

zSpace is an interactive hardware and software platform that allows students to visualize, create, and experience in ways not possible in a traditional computer environment. Creating engagement through exploration and experiential learning in a student-centered environment defines the zSpace learning experience. zSpace encourages students to inquire, take risks, solve problems, and apply their learning while building confidence and expanding interest in STEM and STEM careers.

zSpace Curricullum

How it Works

A dedicated team of teachers use their expertise to build activity plans and lesson resources that are easily implemented in the classroom.

Choose your activity
All zSpace activities are aligned with state and national science standards to support curriculum development and classroom integration. Browse activities by grade-level, standard or topic area.

Preview and Review
Activities come with a preview video, activity plans, and downloadable resources to integrate the zSpace STEM lab into curriculum.

Adapt and Edit
Every class is different! With the zSpace Activity Builder feature, tweak zSpace activities to students' needs.

Click here and use the search tools to find lessons appropriate for your class.

Click here to view the lesson, "Solar System Gravity and Force-Ratios". Take a look at the standards and and view the activity plan and worksheet. 

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NC 66th Conf on Exceptional Child
November 8 – 10, 2016 
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16th Annual South Carolina Public Charter School Conference 
Nov. 15-17, 2016 
Marriott Hotel, Columbia, SC

NC ASCD Winter Conference 
Feb 1-3, 2017
Carolina Hotel, Pinehurst NC

As always, the calendar on the TE21 website is the go-to source for important dates. Click here to view our conference calendar.

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