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October 2016 Update

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Monitoring student performance on state standards early and often is paramount to the teaching and learning environment. TE21’s CASE Benchmark Assessments and detailed reports are tailored to state standards and designed to gauge each student throughout the year and to drive instruction for student achievement. Valuable, predictable data is available within a 48-hour time frame after answer documents are received.  

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The first CASE Benchmark Assessment is designed to be administered at the nine-week mark to help teachers evaluate each student’s academic starting position. Our detailed Class, School, and District reports can identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, and target areas that need improvement. This first assessment is paramount to developing the teaching and learning environment for each school year.  

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Administer CASE Benchmark Assessments as a mid-year checkpoint to evaluate learning and provide real-time feedback to help identify struggling students. Instructors can use the valuable, predictable data as a tool to identifying student learning gaps to drive their instruction rather than just as a measure of learning. Improve teaching methods and address weak areas while there is still time for major learning improvements.

The CASE final comprehensive benchmark assessment, given near the end of the course/year, evaluates students’ cumulative knowledge, abilities, and provides valuable data regarding knowledge of the standards. CASE has a 96% predictability rate and provides a clear insight of how students will perform on the final high-stakes state test.  This resource can be used to identify lingering weaknesses and to drive final instruction time to boost student success…cheering students on to the finish line as winners!

Valid, predictable data available 48 hours after receiving student answer documents with a 96% predictability rate.

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Intensive, Multisensory Reading Intervention for Nonreaders and Struggling Readers 

SPIRE is a research-proven reading intervention program for your lowest performing students. It is designed to build reading success through an intensive, structured, and spiraling curriculum that incorporates phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency in a dynamic 10-Step Lesson plan. 

Choose between two flexible options for implementation! 3rd Edition PRINT or DIGITAL

S.P.I.R.E. is a teacher-led dynamic, hands-on learning approach where the teacher is at the center of the instruction.  Teachers work with small groups of 3-4 students with print materials and manipulatives. Teachers assess students individually and manually record data that is kept with the student’s daily work binder.

iSPIRE uses the power of technology to deliver an interactive learning experience where the teacher is still at the center of the instruction. With ISPIRE, teachers can work with larger groups of students in a classroom setting. Teacher and student materials are contained in the iSPIRE Teaching and Learning Platform, a web-based application. Teachers assess students individually and the iSPIRE Teaching and Learning Platform collects data and creates summary reports. 

SPIRE is a product line produced by EPS School Specialty. TE21, Inc. represents EPS products in Mississippi and North Carolina. Click here to learn more about the SPIRE program. Click here to contact a TE21 Account Executive.    

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case item bank

CASE Item Bank, formerly SCORE21

Build Better Formative Assessments with CASE Item Bank

CASE Item Bank, in partnership with MasteryConnect and EADMS platforms, helps prepare students by providing an item bank of approximately 60,000 high-quality, standard-based items with new items added throughout the year. Teachers can use CASE Item Bank to build rigorous assessments, administer online or in print, and share their work with other teachers.

In an effort to deliver the most effective testing experiences, we will collaborate with districts and schools to determine the best platforms to meet their specific needs and system requirements. 



Upcoming Conferences and Presentations

MASA Fall Conference
Oct. 16-18, 2016
Jackson Hilton
Jackson, MS

NCAEE Conference
Oct. 16-18, 2016
Embassy Suites
Charlotte, NC

NCACE Conference (Title 1) 
Oct. 26-28
Embassy Suites
Greensboro, NC 

SCATA Fall Conference
Oct. 25-28, 2016
Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation
Myrtle Beach, SC 

TN LEAD Conference 
Oct. 24-26, 2016
Music City Center

Nashville, TN

NC 66th Conf on Exceptional Child
November 8 – 10, 2016 
Koury Convention Center
Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons

16th Annual South Carolina Public Charter School Conference 
Nov. 15-17, 2016 
Marriott Hotel
Columbia, SC

As always, the calendar on the TE21 website is the go-to source for important dates. Click here to view our conference calendar.

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