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    CASE NC Practice Final Exams

    North Carolina Schools and Districts: Are Teachers Ready to be Evaluated on NC Final Exams?

    CASE Practice Final Exams: Help Your Teachers Prepare for Evaluation

    CASE Practice Final Exams, produced by TE21’s CASE Assessments, are a tool for North Carolina teachers to identify student knowledge gaps and help prepare students for these important state tests that will be used as a part of teacher evaluation.
    With CASE Practice Final Exams, teachers will have student diagnostic data they can use to target instruction before students take the NC Final Exams (formerly MSLs and Common Exams).

    Available Subjects

    CASE Practice Final Exams are available for:

    • Grades 4-8 Social Studies
    • Grades 4, 6, & 7 Science
    • High School:
      • Language Arts-English I, English III, English IV
      • Mathematics-Advanced Functions and Modeling, Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, Geometry
      • Science-Chemistry, Earth/Environmental Science, Physical Science, Physics
      • Social Studies-American History I, American History II, Civics and Economics, World History


    • Align with NC Essential Standards and NC Common Core Standards
    • Administer Online or Paper/Pencil
    • Measure Higher Order Thinking Skills
    • Align with State Specifications and Blueprints
    • Provide Data on:
      • Percent Correct
      • Projected Achievement Levels
      • Thinking Skills
      • Achievement Levels for Goals/Objectives
      • Overall Performance


    Reports are available within 48 hours after we receive your answer documents. Click here to see a sample of the reports you will get.

    About CASE Assessments

    CASE Assessments of TE21, Inc

    CASE Practice Final Exams for North Carolina are produced by CASE Assessments of TE21, Inc. CASE Assessments are used by many North Carolina schools to provide diagnostic data for teachers and administrators on students, class, and grade level progress.

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